Victorian Lampshades for Floor and Table Lamps

Victorian lampshades can be a centerpiece of any room. On this page are some of our favorite floor and  table lampshades.  Each lamp shade is custom made  -- you can choose the fabric, color, and trims. As you can see from the photos, we make styles other than Victorian.  Our goal in making custom shades is simple -- we hope to make the exact shade you want.   We also make Bed Lamp Shades and Bridge Lamp Shades.


"Just received my lampshades this afternoon --they were in excellent shape.  I am BREATHLESS- they are so GORGEOUS!!!  Couldn't ask for anything more BEAUTIFUL!!  Thought you would like to see a picture of them on the lamp, so included that along with this email.  Your work is OUTSTANDING!! and I am thankful beyond words for the lovely piece of art you have sent me.  Thanks again"

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Aspen Lampshade

Curl Lampshade

Garden Lampshade

Crown Lampshade VS20828

 Lampshade 20422

Kenosha Lampshade

Buttercup Lampshade

Melissa Lampshade


Original Dome Lampshade

Whimsy Lampshade

Cameo Lampshade


Garden Bridge Lampshade

Tracy Lampshade

Governess Lampshade


Empress Floor Shade

Empress  Lampshade

Diamond Lampshade

Priscilla Lampshade

Fan Lampshade

Peacock Lampshade 20559

Dahlia Lampshade

Royalty Lampshade

Crown Lampshade

Turban Lampshade

Claw Lampshade

Royalty Lampshade

Boulderado Lampshade

Bella Rose Lampshade

Tiffany Lampshade

Claw Lampshade

Shinto  Lampshade



Crown Lampshade

Frenchy Lampshade

Garden Lampshade

San Dab Lampshade

Cookie Lampshade

Le Elegance Lampshade

Stealth Lampshade

Gothic Novcau Lampshade

Fan Lampshade

Isabel  Lampshade

Passion Lampshade

Shinto Lampshade

Diamond Lampshade

Crescent  Lampshade

Pear Lampshade



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