Victorian Bridge Lamp and Shade

This lamp and shade have been sold -- please call us directly to discuss similar choices. 

This is an original antique lamp from the 1920's.

The lampshade was made for the lamp.

This photo shows the shade when the lamp is lighted.

Metal vine and flowers wrap their way around the post.

Wonderful cast iron lamp base with ornate flowers and vines. 

A very rich look when lighted!!

We are selling both the antique bridge lamp and the lampshade shown in the above photos.

The antique bridge lamp is made of cast iron and brass.  The base is very heavy and will not tip over easily.  It has a great swooping arm that is perfect for this shade.  If you look closely at the photos you will see that this lamp has great detail in all areas and especially nice flowers and leaves on the base.  Notice the four small feet on the base -- and the metal vine and flowers that wind about a third of the way up the pole.  This lamp is a good choice for a Victorian lamp that can be used every day for reading. The angle of the shade is adjustable with a thumb screw that adjust easily by hand. 

This beautiful Victorian shade is a silk burn-out velvet with a dusty rose background.  The vintage looking floral pattern is burgundy, olive green, and dusty rose.  Trim is also a matching dusty rose which has been hand-dyed. Beads are a combination of the colors in the shade with some gold accents.  This shade is a petite version of the larger "Garden" shade we make.  The shade for sale here is the very first petite "Garden" we have made.  This shade has a silk lining. 

Size: The bridge lamp is 60" tall. 

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