Crescent Bridge Lamp Shade

Here are some photos of different crescent lampshades. Each one has been finished in a different style. This shade is great on a bridge lamp or works well on a table lamp.


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Show me more of the camels.

This is a very vintage looking fabric. It is a burn-out silk velvet with a black background.  The flowers in the fabric are lilies.  This fabric’s colors are very muted -- light gold, heather blue, and browns are all present.  Look closely at the vintage looking braid that is used – it has almost a “wire” look – just like the trims of a 100 years ago.   The fringe is a 6” tassel fringe with a beaded top in a coppery/amber color.  This lampshade has a very warm glow when lighted and will transport you back in time. You will need a pretty good-sized bridge lamp for this shade – it is heavy.  It has the uno fitter that screws onto the socket. 

16" widest point
14" wide at bottom
7" deep, front to back
washer flush top
4 1/2" circles, 12" tall without fringe


Price for the Crescent from $295.00 to $425.00

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