"Bella Rose" Lampshade

The Bella Rose is a twelve panel shade with 9 larger panels and three narrow ones. 




"Bella Rose" Lampshade

The Bella Rose Lampshade is a very elegant shade that can be made in a variety of ways as illustrated in the photos above. It has a fancy bottom that gives the fringe line a wonderful up and down pattern.  This shade is perfect for a floor lamp or larger table lamp.

It has six larger panels and six smaller panels.  The Bella Rose is 19" across the bottom -- and the bottom is round.  If your lamp has a round base, this is a good choice.  It is 7.5" tall without fringe and 14.5" tall when a 7" fringe is used. 

We have some great silk and other fabrics to choose from -- it can be made in the fabric of your choice. 

Please email us if you have questions about this item or others.  If you are looking for a quality lampshade, we have one for you. 

Price for the Bella Rose lampshade $235.00 - $335.00

Order Number  21424 BELLA ROSE

Order Desk / Other inquiries 951-240-5663 or kelly@vintageshades.com 




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