Antique Victorian Bridge Lamp and Custom Shade





We are selling both the lamp and the lampshade.  They are in stock and can be shipped now. We only have one.

The lamp is an antique lamp from the 1920's. It is a decorative piece with a Victorian design and nice casting. The lamp has been rewired and is in good shape.

The amazing lampshade is a new design which was inspired by an antique shade. 

The fabric spanning the front and sides is a nude color -- with three dimensional leaves and flower with some metallic stitching. When lighted this wonderful fabric gives a hint of delicate pink color. 

The front panel is silk pleating with beaded and sequined appliqué -- metallic and chenille. 

The panel surrounding the center panel is silk velvet.  The panel above that is a pleated metallic silk. 
The delicate metallic edging across the top and around center panel is antique trim from France. 
Metallic floral edging trims out the velvet panel. 

Beading is 7 inch glass with pearl accents.  Bottom trim above the beads is a metallic and nude trim. 

 Price for lamp and shade $895.00 US

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