Vintage Lamp and Lampshade

Perfect Shade for a Large Wooden Lamp





This Vintage Lampshade will Look Great on Your Wooden Lamp

The lampshade was made in our studio and is 100% silk.  The fabric is a rich deep brown color -- burnout silk velvet.  The pattern is very Victorian -- not a floral.  The sheer part of the fabric is a warm bronze/gold which becomes more pronounced when the lamp is on.  The inside of the lampshade is a very warm bronze/gold silk.

There are two layers of fringe; the background fringe is a custom dyed deep brown.  The black outer fringe is a vintage style piece that looks very much like the fringe used years ago. The heavy matching braid used is also a very vintage looking trim. 

Size: The lamp is height is normally 65" from the floor to the point where the shade rests. It has an adjustable shade riser that allows the shade to be raised or lowered a few inches. The lampshade is 24" across the bottom / 16" tall including the fringe / 10" from the top of the shade to the top of the fringe / it is round and has 12 panels.


Price $495.00 for a shade similar to this one.

 Order Number VS20448.

Phone 951-240-5663 or 


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