Victorian Bed Lamp

The perfect light for a Victorian bedroom.




 Victorian Bed Lamp

This bed lamp has a rich mixture of fabrics and trims.  The center panel is a bronze silk diamond pattern with matching pearl beads in the center of each diamond. Beaded twist trim is used to outline this panel -- and a fancy bronze trim creates an outside border. 

The two panels next to the center piece are covered with bronze-amethyst iridescent silk.  The embroidered leaves are a light gold and bronze color; the chenille flowers are a deep cardinal. The top outside panel is a bronze amethyst iridescent silk. Beaded fringe is all glass in a butterscotch gold color.

The two attaching hooks that go over the headboard of the bed are wrapped in velvet fabric.  This bed lamp is wired and ready to use -- great for reading in bed.  It is 11" wide / 4" deep / 11" tall including the beaded fringe. 

Price for the lampshade $180.00

   Order #VS20433.

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